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Find your color KITA-IBARAKI A town where you get warm-hearted. The seas, mountains and art.


Japan's best
anglerfish nabe

Japan's best <br>anglerfish nabe

Foie Gras of the SeaAnglerfish and
Anglerfish Liver

Anglerfish and Anglerfish Liver
Japan's best anglerfish nabe hot pot loaded with the foie gras of the sea
Kitaibaraki is located in the northernmost part of Japan's Ibaraki Prefecture, and is blessed with excellent fishing grounds. The city has a long history of fishing for anglerfish, which was offered to the Tokugawa Shogun in the Edo period (1603-1868). The fishermen of Kitaibaraki used to eat anglerfish nabe hot pot to warm themselves on the boat, and the dish became available at local minshuku inns and restaurants. This culinary culture eventually spread nationwide. Even today, there are many restaurants that serve authentic anglerfish dishes, and the anglerfish nabe hot pot of Kitaibaraki is said to be the best in Japan.
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The Ofune Matsuri

The Ofune Matsuri

The Ofune Matsuri is a major festival held every five years.
A unique festival in which 400 people parade a boat through the streets.


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